Technology and Education


Technology and Education

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With the very beginning of this one can easily imagine a person, say a faculty of any respective subject crushing chalks against green boards and getting all covered in the dust of it, even with the so called dust-less chalk. Say that same faculty is trying hard to explain few things with the help of his best possible diagrams nut couldn’t due to some obvious reasons

Things like these goes on and on in a list where Teacher-Student interaction over the understanding of various things in this educational era seemed so limited and actually it is still in some places.

With respect to this kind of educational failure introduction to better things took place from past few years to simplify the education and make it better understanding for the students and made it even easier for the teachers with enormous potential and knowledge to provide a better and simplified solution and explanation to the tiniest problem a student faces.

The introduction of technology in education started from very few basic things, like

The students were introduced to image based lessons. They were getting taught with the help of pictures of thing related to their topics. Later AV format was also introduced and it made much more fun for the student to learn with such environment which was easier for them to understand.

Later in time, to add a little bit to the classrooms projectors were also introduced which gave students the same vision but in a much more zoomed perspective and they don’t have to rush or wait for their computer lab days.

With passing time and the advancement of technology Artificial intelligence started to come into play and Interactive Boards were introduced and the green board and the whites one too were side swiped by everyone because that interactive as well as touch responsive boards made things easier for the teachers and the students to use and to learn respectively.

As these interactive boards in this educational era became a revolutionary thing to notice we’ll dig a bit more into it.

So after the introduction of these boards, The education system has experienced tremendous changes in the past few years as the traditional heavy textbooks are being replaced by convenient eBooks and Books are replaced by devices such as our interactive whiteboard. They come along with few very crazy features to take a look upon,  such as

Tremendous display quality, Internet connectivity, Touch response, Windows and ioS supportive and many more.

Knowing about the recent like these of our surrounding will make us a little more proud and may leave us a little nostalgic if we’ve ever been a part of any of these styles used to educate us. This also makes us supportive for the people out there struggling every day to make things better or us and convenient too to get education in an easier way with some crazy and fun activities which in future leads us to adapt the solutions of our problems in a healthy way.


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