5 Best Payment/UPI Apps in India


With UPI the way we transact has changed. India now has 1200 million active mobile users with a huge mass using payment apps. We all use the UPI apps nowadays as it provides an easy and faster medium of transaction.

First let’s get a brief information about UPI.

UNIFIED PAYMENT INTERFACE as the full form says is a payment solution developed as per the guidelines of Reserve Bank of India by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India).

Here is some statistical information of UPI Transactions in India as per NPCI & ET:

What basically UPI does is it allows users to send and receive money between the bank accounts linked with their mobile number. The sending and receiving of money is done on real time basis and requires the IFSC ( Indian Financial System Code) the users also require VPA (Virtual Payment Address) for the transaction.

Working of UPI

There are various methods by which UPI payments work

Mobile number: One can send and receive money through mobile number linked to any bank account.

Aadhaar Number: Aadhaar number gives access to various data of the user and thus one can send and receive money by sharing the Aadhaar number.

QR code: after demonetisation most of the Indians have done this scanning the QR code at the merchants shop and doing the transaction. Therefore, it is one the most feasible method and the most feasible feature also provided by the UPI Apps.

VPA id: transactions can be done using the created VPA id.

Sharing account number and IFSC: the most common method of transferring money is this and is quite traditional in all aspects.

5 Best UPI payment Apps in India based on the interface, Uniqueness, Security and reward programs are:

1. Google Pay :


Initially known as Tez, is ranked one because of being the most unique UPI payment app in India. As per studies it even leads in terms of Transaction value.

It has been the first app to enable the proximity feature in this platform. One can easily set-up google pay for their business.

Features of google pay that make it grab the first position on the list:

  • Proximity feature
  • No wallet option that is direct transfer and debit from bank account.
  • Addition of any UPI participating bank accounts.
  • Safe shield of Google Pay
  • Attractive User Interface

2. Phone Pe :


The second position is grabbed by an India based app Phone pe. It is now acquired by e-commerce giant Flipkart.

It has fewer steps of money transfer therefore money transfer is the fastest in Phone pe.

It has its prime focus on repeat and recurring payments.

It has one of the best grievance redressal and easy complaint submission policy. The reversal of any failed transaction is done as quickly as possible.

User Complaints are also less for this application and it is available on the android as well as iOS platforms.

3. Paytm :


Largest digital wallet service provider in India with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on google play store Paytm grabs this position on the list. It is one of the best UPI platforms in India. The app has an excellent User Interface and an easy to use environment for all age groups. It is extremely popular among the youth and with lots of in app features it is highly recommended.

It is widely accepted and the Paytm QR codes are everywhere in every shop and is accepted almost everywhere whether big or small shops. Shopkeepers get their money in their account free from any charges thus it helps in acceptability.

It has a lot of features from electricity bill payments to mobile recharge everything can be easily done through Paytm app.

Paytm has even come up with the post-paid service which is quite similar to credit cards where user can buy things and pay the money later.



It is a UPI Payment app launched by the State Bank of India. At first this app was developed for UPI fund Transfer but later various features were added to it.

This application provides easy balance check. One can directly have a look at the amount left from their dashboard itself and it works quite smoothly.

The interface is one of the USP of the app. It has a clean interface, rather quite a specific one with limited features as its basic focus is to provide a platform for UPI transaction.

Security, SBI is a trusted name and has been creating secure banking applications thus there is trust already established between the users and the bank. It has the feature of 6 digit M-PIN which makes it more secure.

5. PayZapp by HDFC :


It is a UPI payment app by HDFC bank and is a digital wallet as well. The popularity gained by this application which made its place on this list is the cashback offers that it offers across various popular sites.

It has numerous features across and its in app Virtual Debit Card for any sort of online transactions makes it highly recommendable.

This wallet option is available on all e-commerce websites in India. So there is no issues.

It is available on the iOS as well as android and comes with the security feature and trust by the HDFC bank which has a prominent position established in the private banking sector.

UPI has made money transfer quite easy and with its launch it has gained huge popularity among the public. The User interface, easy transaction, cashback offers and many other features given by single application has made life easier.


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