Now a day 90 percents of peoples in the world are totally
depends upon the technology .All of them started digital
payments platform instead off barter system because it’s
easier to make payments by mobile banking and cards than
to take in pockets .Peoples are preferring online platforms to
make digital payments for their daily use such as milk school
fees and electricity bills. So but it is not such safe.
Online frauds are spreading everywhere in the world and the
people losses their money in just one click. Fraudsters create
fraud emails and sending to people in the name of brand
name and ask them to login through email address and also
ask to enter OTP which is sent on their registered mobile
number then stolen their money.
Technology has made it easy to detect online frauds. One of
them is Machine learning .ml came into existence to remove
such type of frauds. It is the science of designing and
algorithms that are able to detect reduces works of
police in order to detect frauds it provide safety for online
transactions .it also prefer 2 factor authentication its more
safer in this first user want to enter login id and passwords
then OTP is sent to registered mobile number then you will
able to operate website. ML also uses face recognition
technique to detect online fraud. Machines are much better
than humans.
Online frauds are destroying the peoples by stealing their
money by sending fraud email through phishing technique
and at just one click on any link attachments.
It is more advisable to take precautions during online
payments and while operating any website

  1. Do not provide OTP to any people
  2. Do not click on any email attachments
  3. Install good antivirus software
  4. Avoid free public internet
  5. Daily update your software on laptop
  6. Do not operate any website
  7. Change your passwords weekly and make strong
    At last we have to take precautions while doing digital
    payments and we should use machine learning in order to
    detect fraud because machines are much better than
    humans and ml totally changed the lifestyle of peoples


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