We have came a long way in the Virtual reality, just listening about that we can have a view of any place on earth just by using our smartphone and a small cheap device so called VR headset. In VR the technology makes someone completely immerse in a virtual environment. In advanced VR one can have the freedom of movement giving a complete 360 degree experience with complete sound effects. On addition to it a handset can make someone’s gaming experience better. A VR headset can be connected to a computer (oculus rift), gaming consoles (playstation VR) but in the market there are some standalone VR( Google cardboard) headset paired with a smartphone.

But as the time passed on, we improved and we became familiar with the Augmented reality or AR with more capabilities like you can bring something which is non existing(means digital) in the real world in just a single click. Have you ever seen a 3D drawing, it is just like that but in a digital way. Isn’t it fantasizing.  Well we have seen certain successes in AR like the Pokemon Go app which was completely based on AR. But there’s a catch you simply can’t have a experience like VR or either in VR nothing else can be done rather than seeing. If you have a modern smartphone then by using the apps available in the market for both IOS and ANDROID then you should definitely try once.

But as we all know the technology keeps on improving every second, we (the scientist’s) created something new just by mixing the capabilities of AR and VR and created Mixed Reality, and that’s the new golden egg. The basic difference in Mixed reality and AR is that in AR only digital things are placed into the real world but in case of Mixed Reality, we can interact with those digital things. To make things clearer let us take a reference with a famous movie IRON MAN in which we saw that Tony Stark could just swipe his hands in the air operating a computer with no physical hardware present at that place.

But as I have said that the chefs of the technology try to create something new every day and they have just cooked something that we can’t expect i.e. the same thing like in Iron Man and Mixed Reality is that only.

Many tech giants have been working since years to serve the MR (Mixed Reality) and some of them have succeded like Microsoft. They have been inspired from the Word holograms and created a product named HOLOLENS (haha just kidding or it may be possible). The Hololens is very much capable device which can do almost everything, like doing the things that we saw in movie to increasing the productivity of a company or an individual. This is helping to understand many aspects of different things how certain things work which we just can’t see with out eyes like a detailed working of our heart. With this technology we can create a 3d model of heart and just Boom you are good to go to teach someone else that how a Heart works internally. This is only one of the example of the possibilities of this technology, in the near future we may such amazing things floating around us.

The Hololens costs a hefty 3500$ which is like that every one can’t afford. There is another company Acer (A Taiwan based company) who has also made a similar product but still, for that also we need to be financially strong. But as you the chefs are working and with time the price must reduce to that extent that everyone could afford.

To make somethings clear the hololens is not same as Holograms. The hololens is a wearable device which uses the concept of AR and VR at the same time whereas the holograms are something like a 3d projection.

If you want to learn more about all these technologies and how all these technologies are being used in real world you can have a cup of tea over here: https://rubygarage.org/blog/difference-between-ar-vr-mr


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