The tech industry has evolved on a great extent over last 5 to 6 years . Before this evolution human being was just like a robot and now robots are being built to complete the tasks assigned to them  by the humans. This was not expected 10 years before that a smartphone will be costed not according to it’s brand value but for the equipments inserted into it. The evolutuion of speak to search has the human fingers from searching anything. The televisions are now smart just like our today’s phones which also are prefixed with the word smart which means to do more work with less efficiency .even though the watches are now smart. Our watches  measures our Spo level  our health status which also helps us to improve our immunity especially in these days  of Covid. This evolution of technology is now helping us in these critical situations. This tech evolution has made the life easy and difficult at the same time. So it totally depends on the human that how he uses it.   


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