Natural Language processing is among the hottest topic in the field of   data   science. Companies are putting tons of   money  into research in this field. Everyone is trying to understand   Natural  Language  Processing and its applications to make a career around  it. Every business out there wants to integrate it into their business somehow.

Here one question arises……

Do you know  why?

Because just in few years’  time span , natural language processing has evolved  into something  so powerful and impactful, which no one could have imagined. To understand the power of natural  language  processing and its impact on our  lives, we need to take a look  at its applications.

Therefore , I have put together a  list of top 10 applications of  natural language processing.

So, let’s start with first application of natural language processing.

Search Autocorrect and Autocomplete :

Whenever you search something on Google, after typing 2-3 letters, it shows you the possible search terms. Or, if you search for something with typos, it correct them and still find the relevant results for you. Isn’t amazing ?

It’s something that everyone uses daily but never pays much attention to it. It’s a wonderful application of natural language processing and a great example of how it’s affecting millions around the world, including you and me .

Google Search Page

The driving engine behind search-autocomplete and auto correct are the language models.

Language Translator :

If you have used google translate before to find out what particular word or phrase is in a different language. I’m sure you definitely used it before!! Isn,’t it amazing how it translate  a piece of text in one language to another , right?

Machine translation :-

Machine Translation is the procedure of automatically converting the text in one language to another language while keeping the meaning intact.

Today tools like Google Translate can easily convert text from one language to another language. These tools are helping numerous people and businesses in breaking the language barriers and becoming successful.

Google Translate

In earlier days, machine translation systems were dictionary based and ruled based systems, and they saw very little success. Due to evolution in the field of neural networks, machine translation become fairly accurate in translation.

Other applications of NLP are:

  • Social Media Monitoring :-
  • Chat bots
  • Survey Analysis
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Hiring And Recruitment
  • Voice Assistants
  • Grammar Checkers
Chat bots
Voice Assistant
Targeted Advertising


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