Neural Network In Machine Learning

Neural Network In Machine Learning

Neural Network or Artificial Neural Network is a computing system basically inspired by the biological neural network. It takes it’s idea from the functioning of animal brain and how it work and deal with basic structural and functional unit  i.e., Nerve cell of human cell as a result of which this computing network system is named as Neural network and when it comes to machine learning is an application that works on the automation of the computer system and help in the development of programs that automatically access data and learn themselves accordingly. When we combine both machine learning and neural networking  , it becomes a most powerful techniques to solve many more problems related to our surrounding and real world . With the help of these techniques we can deal with the complex data present in real world .

When we combine neural networking with machine learning then neural network help us in interlinking of data . In addition to which neural networking help us in proper functioning of the data inputs by connecting different sets of data to each other. Now this combination of data inputs can be categorized into two categories i.e., linear and non-linear. Where neural network replicates the abilities and functionality of brain on machines . The basic learning of this technique includes sealing with the algorithms and prepare the artificial neurons.  

This is the most powerful technique in today’s world , becoming more and more important with the help of which we are moving ahead and Mark a great impact on today’s modern society .


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