# What is artificial intelligence (AI)

Every time we hear the term AI the first question comes in our mind that what is AI , so AI is cleared by it’s name itself which means the intelligence given or provided by artificial means .

In computer science AI refer to the simulation of human intelligence in our any kind of technical devices that are made or programed as to help us and also to think like a human being.

# Why do we need it

We all our happy with the technology we are using right now but this is not satisfying ,so to make it satisfying (not perfect) AI plays an important role because it helps us to not waist are time at any kind of work .It just enhances our speed, ability and effectiveness of our efforts.

# Advantages of AI

The advantages of AI now a days are count less or endless .You can see AI working on your smallest gadget like your smart watch it also have some of the task to do it for you without getting you to waste your time.

# Conclusion

I think AI is made by the people , of the people and for the  people.

AI has given us great power and we must keep that in mind that with great power comes great responsibility and we should use it wisely .


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